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Actuarial Advising Presentation

Wondering which classes to take to meet major requirements? How exams fit into your academic plans?

Check out the presentation from the Fall Enrollment Actuarial Academic Advising Session by Kirk Peter from November 2023. 

Sample 4-year Plan

4 year plan.png

The Sample 4-year plan on above only tackles Actuarial Courses / Major Requirements and some other recommended courses. 

Courses can be taken in other semesters than what is suggested on the left, just be aware of course prerequisites. 

The rest of your schedule should be filled with other BBA requirements and potentially other Major/certificate requirements. If you are wondering if your course plans fulfil your requirements, try running a DARS report in course search & enroll. 

Course Requirements and Recommendations

Check out the Course Requirements and Recommendations doc below.

Actuarial Science Major Requirements

  • Interest Theory - Act Sci 303* AND Act  Sci 301 (taken together)

  • Probability - One of Math 331**, Math 431, Stat 309 or Stat 311 AND Act Sci 300

  • Statistics - One of Gen Bus 317** Stat 310 or Stat 312

    • Do not take Gen Bus 306/307​

  • Fundamentals of Actuarial Mathematics - Act Sci 650* (Long Term) AND Act Sci 652* (Short Term)​

  • Advanced Actuarial Mathematics - One of Act Sci 651* (Long Term) OR Act Sci 653* (Short Term)

  • Regression and Analytics - One of Act Sci 654, Act Sci 655, or Gen Bus 656

    • While not required, taking two regression/analytics classes can be extremely valuable!​

       * = Course offers UEC credit for a professional Exam

       ** = Course is newly offered to complete Probability/Statistics Requirements!

SOA & CAS Exams

  • FM/2 (Financial Mathematics) - Act Sci 303 (UEC) AND Act Sci 301

  • P/1 (Probability) - Math 331 OR Stat 309 OR Stat 311 OR Math 431 AND Act Sci 300

SOA Exams

  • FAM (Fundamentals of Actuarial Mathematics)

    • Act Sci 650 AND Act Sci 652 (Both are UEC)*

  • Exam ALTAM**  (Advanced Long Term Actuarial Mathematics)

    • Act Sci 651 (UEC)

  • Exam ASTAM** (Advanced Short Term Actuarial Mathematics) ​

    • Act Sci 653 (UEC)​

  • Exam SRM (Statistics for Risk Modeling: Predictive Analytics) - Topics from

    • Act Sci 654​

    • Act Sci 655

    • Gen Bus 656


* Note that UEC credit requirements must be met in BOTH Act Sci 652 and Act Sci 650 to earn credit for Exam FAM 

** Note the SOA only requires one of ALTAM or ASTAM

CAS Exams

  • MAS-I  (Modern Actuarial Statistics - 1) - Topics from:

    •  ​Stat 310 or 312

    • Act Sci 652

    • Act Sci 654

    • Act Sci 650

    • Other Topics

  •  MAS-II  (Modern Actuarial Statistics - 2) - Topics from:

    • Act Sci 653 ​

    • Gen Bus 656

    • Other topics

** MAS-1 and MAS-II are not fully captured by any one or two UW-Madison offered courses. Check the syllabi released by the CAS to understand what exact topics are covered on the above exams

Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) Requirements

​Students can meet their VEE Requirements by taking the below UW-Madison approved courses and obtaining a B/C or better.

*Note that transfer courses taken at other universities that have transferred to UW-Madison may not count for their VEE requirements. Check with your credentialling organization to check if the course you took counts

  • Economics VEE - Econ 101 AND Econ 102 OR Econ 111

    • An Advanced Placement (AP) score of 4 or 5 on AP Macroeconomics AND AP Microeconomics would​ also count for this requirement 

  • Accounting and Finance VEE - Accounting 100 AND Finance 300

  • Statistics VEE (SOA Only) - Gen Bus 317, Stat 310 OR Stat 312

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