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What is the Actuarial Club?

The Actuarial Club is a student-run organization for those interested in or majoring in actuarial science. A career in actuarial science utilizes a person’s knowledge of math, economics, finance, and risk theory in the business world. Our members range from first-year students to graduate students. We encourage interaction among students, faculty, and industry professionals in the actuarial field.

The Actuarial Club strives to:

  • Provide members with a better understanding of the actuarial field
  • Create the opportunity to build relationships among actuarial students and faculty

  • Encourage relationships between students and actuarial professionals

  • Expose students to professional applications of actuarial science

  • Provide resources for students taking actuarial exams

  • Engage in positive community volunteer work

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Check out our Fall Kickoff Presentation from Sep 2023 for more information on the Actuarial Club!

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