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Leadership Committees

What are Leadership Committees?

Leadership committees consist of several club members and are headed by the officers in the club. Each committee has its own responsibilities that relate to the duties of the club officer. They provide a great way for members to get involved and have a larger influence within the club!

Being on a leadership committee is a year-long commitment, and we encourage those of you who are interested to read the descriptions below and apply for a committee! Please note that you may apply for up to two leadership committees.

Applications for Leadership Committees for the 2023-2024 school year are now closed.

Communication Committee

Responsible for club’s communication outlets – Newsletter, Website. Committee members will maintain the club website, club newsletter, carry out weekly updates, and brainstorm new ideas to expand it.

Engagement Committee 

Brainstorm & Innovate social event ideas to increase engagement and club participation, work with external contacts to coordinate events, and draft event descriptions to communicate to club members. In addition, this committee will also help encourage higher attendance of domestic and international students of all class years. 

Educational Enrichment Committee 

Administer educational events hosted by the club – Employer Presentations, Workshops. Committee members will act as ambassadors by greeting & introducing company representatives, keeping track of attendance, helping with food-pick and room setup for events. In addition, this committee will also circulate relevant event information to other committees and innovate additional educational events. 


Volunteering Committee

Brainstorm volunteering event ideas appropriate for our club that allows for a high level of community engagement, work with fellow committee members and external contacts to coordinate events, and draft newsletter communication to club members. The ultimate goal of the committee is to encourage higher club participation and promote community involvement.

Social Media & Marketing Committee 

Responsible for managing social media outlets for the club; Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. Committee members will use their creative thoughts and ideas to help the club establish a wider social media presence and involvement amongst club members, alumni, employers, etc. In addition, this committee will also facilitate the t-shirt design process, collect orders from members and distribute them to club members. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee 

Responsible for brainstorming ideas and events that continue to promote an inclusive club culture. Committee members will gain leadership experience through facilitating Common Thread Actuarial Gatherings. Additionally, this committee will help to externally diversify the actuarial workplace through actuarial science informational presentations to HBCUs and other underrepresented communities.

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