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Social and Volunteering Events

Throughout the academic year, the Actuarial Club hosts social events as well as volunteering events for members to participate in. Come to hang out with fellow club members or serve the community!

Check out the Calendar to see when we're having the next the next social and volunteering events!

Past Social Events

  • Club Kickoffs 

  • Karaoke Night

  • Bonfire at Picnic Point

  • Ice skating at the Shell

  • Escape Room Social

  • Intramural Sports

  • Badger Games

  • Bowling at the Sett

Past Volunteering Events

  • Ronald McDonald House

  • Blood Drive

  • Motivation from Mathletes

  • Modern Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Lakeshore Nature Preserve

  • WSB Service Days


We are, naturally, badger sports fans! Our members went to a Women's Basketball and showed the W! On Wisconsin!

Our members volunteered on WSB Service Day to help remove invasive plant species with the Lakeshore Nature Preserve!

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