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Exam Scholarship Requirements

Do you want to be reimbursed for passing an exam?

Meet these eligibility requirements, fill out the application, and you're set!

  1. Enrolled as a full-time UW-Madison undergraduate or Capstone student at the time of the exam sitting. and a dues paying member of the actuarial club. Dues are $35 and must be paid in advance of sitting for the exam.

  2. Must attend at least 3 Actuarial Club employer presentations during the semester when sitting for an exam.

  3. Must also attend at least 1 social AND 1 volunteer event (NOT including fall or spring semester club kickoffs) during the semester when sitting for an exam.

  4. Upon passing, students will fill out an online application and must include feedback on the presentations & events.

Fall Semester

Exams taken in September through January inclusive. (Application due date January 31st)

Spring Semester

Exams taken in February through August inclusive. (Application due date August 31st)

Other Information

  • Students in graduate-level programs other than in the Wisconsin School of Business will be subject to a cap of $200 scholarship per semester, regardless of the number of exams passed.

  • Graduating students are eligible for scholarship. However, please ask your new employer to reimburse your exam fees rather than taking the money from the Scholarship Fund.

  • Any student abusing the program will be barred from any current and future scholarships from the fund.

  • If there are not enough funds to cover all qualifying passing students’ exam fees in a given sitting, the percentage of available funds will be applied to the amount each student should receive. 

  • Students will not receive scholarships to cover the cost of study materials.

  • Still unsure if this scholarship is for you? Contact us below!

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