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Employer Biographies

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Church Mutual - 2/21

Casey Grosshauser

Casey Grosshauser graduated from UWEC in 2017 with a major in Actuarial Science and a certificate in Information Systems. She started as an Underwriter out of college. Continued to study for actuarial exams outside of work and was an actuarial Assistant from 2018-2021. She started at Church Mutual in November, 2021 as an Actuarial Consultant and was promoted to Assistant Actuary in October, 2023. She received ACAS and MAAA in Spring, 2021,is sitting for Exam 9 this spring, and mentored the 2023 summer actuarial interns. Casey Grosshauser is the Actuarial Liaison for UWEC (recruiting, employer presentations, etc.) She was born and raised right outside of Madison. She grew up playing Baseball and Soccer. When she's not studying/working, you can find her up north fishing with friends/family

Jack Pawlak

Jack Pawlak graduated from UW-Madison in 2022 with majors in Actuarial Science, Finance and Risk Management Insurance. He was a Business Intelligence/Actuarial Science intern the Summer before Senior year with Church Mutual; he worked part-time during his senior year and started full-time post-graduation. He is sitting for MAS-1 this upcoming Fall. Jack Pawlak is the Actuarial Liaison for UW-Madison (recruiting, employer presentations, etc.). He is from Grafton, WI – grew up a Badger fan and ultimately was his primary goal for school. His primary sport growing up was Baseball, also played Basketball and Football. When he is not studying/working, he's an avid runner and sports fanatic (Badgers, Packers, Bucks, Cubs – NOT Brewers).

Wakely - 2/27

Paul Brochhausen

Paul is an Actuarial Analyst in the Madison office. He joined Wakely this past September after graduating from UW-Madison in May and interning with Wakely over the summer. Since starting, Paul has worked on Medicaid redetermination analyses and ACA risk adjustment. Outside of work, Paul spends his free time skiing, disc golfing, and watching football.

Evan Bitter

Evan is an Actuarial Analyst in the Denver office. He joined Wakely full-time after graduating from UW-Madison in December of 2022. Evan works a little on many client services including provider risk, Medicare bids, ACA rate filings, risk score optimization, and medication adherence. He is also looking to earn his ASA this year, only needing to finish modules. In his free time, Evan likes to ski, hike, play tennis, and watch Badger sports.

Rebecca Peot, ASA, MAAA

Rebecca is an Actuarial Consultant with the Wakely Madison office. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and worked in-house for a large insurance company and for a startup insurer before joining the Minneapolis office in 2019. Rebecca has worked with Medicare and Medicaid clients at Wakely, with a primary focus on Medicare bids (pricing, strategy, benefit analysis, audit, and more). Her recent focus has been on valuing the impact of the IRA on future Medicare Part D pricing. Rebecca is one of the founding members of the Wakely Madison office and is excited to continue to grow Wakely’s footprint in the Madison area.

Milliman - 3/4

Acuity - 3/11

Cigna - 3/19

Northwestern Mutual - 4/23

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