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Employer Biographies

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Cigna - 4/5

Aleea Eick

Aleea graduated from UW Madison in 2016, and has been with Cigna for the last 6 years.  After completing rotations in pharmacy pricing and disability reserving, she is now a market pricing lead for Cigna’s Individual and Family Plan products, pricing Cigna's plan offerings for Colorado and Utah on the Affordable Care Act exchanges.  Outside of work, Aleea enjoys snowboarding, watching movies, and trying out  various post-FSA  hobbies (currently: finger knitting and indoor rock-climbing)

Collin Evers

Collin graduated from UW Madison in 2019, and interned with Cigna in 2017. After a 2018 internship with Wakely Consulting Group, he moved to Denver in 2019 and started full-time there for 2 years, until moving back to Cigna full-time in 2021. He has experiences with Medicare Pricing and Strategy, Value Based Care Modeling, International Health, and Medical Pricing Methodology. His current role at Cigna since 2021 is within the Europe and Global Segments Department, working on pricing methodology for Expatriate Health Insurance sold to European Corporate Group Customers. Outside of work, Collin enjoys playing golf, watching Wisconsin sports and Premier League soccer (go Liverpool), and using his actuarial skills to beat his friends in fantasy football.

Jenny Soler

Jenny graduated from UW Madison in 2019. She interned with Cigna in 2018 and has worked full-time with Cigna for the last 4 years. Her first role was in dental pricing and now she currently works on the pharmacy economics team where she models affordability of pharmacy drug coverage changes. Outside of work, Jenny enjoys playing pickleball, cornhole, and walking her 2 husky-mix dogs.

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