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SOA President Roy Goldman Discusses the Future of the Actuarial Profession

On Tuesday, February 9 the UW-Madison Actuarial Club had the extreme honor of having the SOA president Roy Goldman present to our students and discuss the incredible actions the SOA is taking to create a better future for actuaries around the globe. Interestingly enough, Goldman hadn’t discovered the actuarial profession until his fourth year into graduate school in which his wife introduced him to the profession through an internship opportunity she had accepted. Before becoming president of the SOA, Goldman had earned his Ph. D, FSA, MAAA, and CERA throughout his actuarial career. He was also the CFO of four different companies throughout his life.

One of the main themes that Goldman discussed throughout his presentation was the way the SOA is trying to constantly create a better future for actuarial professionals. With the rise of data science and increasing technological advances, many have questioned if the demand for actuaries will continue to increase as it has for the last couple of decades. Goldman explained that the main goal of the SOA is to power the Actuarial profession for long-term growth by evolving education and development to empower innovation & adaptability that will elevate influence and impact. As SOA president, Goldman’s main goal is to make sure that the actuarial profession will be sought after for years to come.

Goldman also touched on the importance of providing sufficient education for actuarial prospects. The goal of the SOA is to modularize education and ensure that the core skills meet current and future demands. As the actuarial field is ever changing, it is important that actuaries have the tools and knowledge to be able to adapt to an unpredictable future. Goldman also highlighted the incredible work the SOA is doing to ensure a diverse and inclusive environment for actuarial professionals around the world. He expressed that it is important for all actuarial professionals to have an equal opportunity and feel welcomed as part of the SOA.

The UW-Madison Actuarial Club thanks Dr. Goldman for taking the time out of his schedule to meet with our students and showcase the incredible work done by the largest professional actuarial organization in the world. Our students benefited greatly and appreciated the opportunity to gain knowledge about the organization.

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