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Eric Schumann, Chris Van Dyke, and Derek Halen's Career Experience at Allianz Life

On Wednesday, February 19th, the Actuarial Club hosted Allianz Life for an interactive presentation where our club members chose topics for representatives from Allianz to discuss. The representatives included Eric Schumann, FSA, who works at Allianz in their Financial Reporting Department, Chris Van Dyke who works on the Modeling & Systems Team, and Derek Halen, works with Allianz’s Talent Acquisition.

The representatives from Allianz first discussed their roles within the company and their individual journeys to their current position. They allowed our members to choose what topics we wanted them to discuss next. The topics chosen were studying for actuarial exams while starting your full-time careers, how actuaries use modelling to simplify processes, simulate results, and analyze potential future outcomes, along with how to best prepare for and succeed during an internship, with communication and a willingness to learn being two key factors. After the presentation, our members networked with the representatives to dive deeper into their actuarial experiences.

We would like to say thank you to Allianz Life, Eric, Chris, and Derek for their time spent with us. We enjoyed learning about their roles within the company as well as gaining useful insights about being an actuary.

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