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Officer Descriptions

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Position Name: President


Position Description:


The President of the Actuarial Club provides leadership and strategic direction towards the accomplishment of the organization’s goals for the academic year. The President seeks to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all club members. This individual sets an agenda and leads weekly officer meetings, and oversees all club events, VP positions, leadership committees, class representatives, mentorship program leads, and other student appointed positions. This individual is also responsible for planning and running the annual officer elections. The President is the point person for any club concerns and will be in close contact with the club advisor and Risk & Insurance department throughout the academic year. In addition to club communication, the President will be responsible to respond to any BBA Program communication. 


*To be eligible for this position, the candidate must have been a dues-paying member of the club for at least 3 semesters (current semester included).  The ideal candidate for this role is an individual with past leadership experience within the club or another student organization.


Ideal Candidate Qualifiers:

  • Passionate toward the club

  • Available to respond to club members’ questions and concerns

  • Organized (in overseeing all club events and make sure their execution)

  • Supportive (in overseeing all VP positions and provide necessary help)

  • Skills in making decisions and providing directions

  • Experience in organizing events (to catch the details of the events that all VP positions put on)

Questions/Topic of Interest

  1. RUN-OFF QUESTION: What is your vision for the club? What will you do to achieve that vision?

  2. How will you empower and inspire members and fellow club leadership?

  3. What opportunities for improvement do you see for the club? What aspects do you think the club does very well?



Position Name: Vice President of Finance

Position Description:

The Vice President of Finance creates and manages a budget for the club and leads the process of collecting members’ dues. As a result, this individual is responsible for all financial transactions involving the club. Duties also include assisting any club venture involving money, such as collecting money from individuals for extra club T-Shirts, and any concessions earned from volunteering events. This officer is in charge of managing the organization’s Venmo account, which accounts for a large portion of transactions. Throughout the semester, this officer is responsible for supporting the Risk and Insurance department for the exam reimbursement process and ensuring the department database is working and updated. The officer is also expected to explore event grants & funding opportunities and support the club by maintaining strong ties with the BBA student life office. Additionally, this individual acts as a liaison with the Undergraduate Business Council (UBC) to represent the Actuarial Club in their meetings. Other duties include participating in officer meetings and encouraging member involvement within all aspects of the club. This officer also leads the Leadership Volunteering Committee to plan the volunteering events for the club.

*The ideal candidate for this role is an organized individual who is analytical, detail-oriented, and importantly, able to interact with others to collect dues and maintain good rapport. The candidate must prioritize integrity and transparency, as they have a fiduciary responsibility in properly handling club funds. Having volunteer experience is also recommended.


Questions/Topics of Interest:

  1. RUN-OFF QUESTION:  Can you share a specific instance from your professional or personal life where you demonstrated unwavering integrity, and how that experience informs your approach to leadership and decision-making?

  2. What are some of your ideas to generate funding opportunities for the club?

  3. How do you plan to use your role as liaison to UBC to best serve the club’s mission and values?


Position Name: Vice President of Communication

Position Description: 


The Vice President of Communications is responsible for assembling, customizing, and distributing the weekly club newsletter and frequent midweek newsletter updates, along with recording and distributing meeting minutes that are used to take notes at each officer meeting. This individual is responsible for maintaining and updating the club website as well as making any necessary changes/improvements. This individual should also maintain an organized calendar of club events. The VP of Communications maintains the club email list by adding new students and removing those who request to be removed. Other necessary communications are reading and corresponding to emails sent to the club email through Outlook, messages from WIN, any responses to the club newsletter, and student inquiries forwarded from other club members. Other duties include participating in officer meetings, communicating with all other officers regarding club details, overseeing a club leadership committee, making the slides for in-class presentations about upcoming events, updating the master calendar, and encouraging member involvement with all aspects of the club. 


*The ideal candidate for this role is an organized individual with good oral and written communication skills, has good attention to detail, and enjoys the creative aspect of designing the weekly newsletters.


Questions/Topics of Interest:

  1. RUN-OFF QUESTION: How would you make communication with all actuarial club members more effective?

  2. How would you utilize your past experiences and translate them into this role?

  3. What sets you apart from other candidates for this role?

  4. What ideas do you have to improve the club website to make it a more effective platform to communicate with current and future club members?



Position Name: Vice President of Social Media and Marketing

Position Description:

The Vice President of Social Media and Marketing is responsible for social media and branding for the club. This individual will have a strong command of the social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, as well as a strong drive to build a positive presence and branding for the club online. This individual is responsible for encouraging membership participation through social media outlets by (i) publicizing club events and writing blogs for LinkedIn, (ii) posting regular and engaging statuses and connecting club members and alumni, and (iii) photo documenting club events, posting pictures, and creating a club photo album. This individual actively seeks ways to expand the functionality and utility of these current resources, as well as adapting and integrating new resources as technology progresses. 

Additionally, this person leads the creation and distribution of club T-shirts. He or she oversees making sure the t-shirts are agreeable to club members as well as presenting a positive public image of the club's brand. This person runs a social media/marketing committee and should actively lead this group in furthering Actuarial Club engagement. Other duties include participating in officer meetings and encouraging member involvement with all aspects of the club, providing support and assistance in any event when necessary.

*The ideal candidate for this role is an organized, outgoing, creative individual with good oral and written communication skills.


Ideal Candidate Qualifiers:

  • Organized

  • Well-articulated (particularly written communication)

  • Reliable (regularly attends events, taking photos)

  • Approachable (answers any questions that people have)

  • Responsive (reacts quickly when people ask questions)

  • Leadership (ability to lead a committee)


Questions/Topics of Interest:

  1. RUN-OFF QUESTION: How would you utilize current/new social media platforms to connect the club with external members of the club (employers, alumni, etc)?

  2. Rather than just informing club members of an upcoming event, how would you communicate the benefits of attending that event? 

  3. What ideas do you have to get club members more engaged?


Position Name: Vice President of Member Relations and Engagement

Position Description:

The Vice President of Member Relations and Engagement is responsible for the development of social for club members. 

The Vice President of Member Relations and Engagement is responsible for the development of social for club members. Such events can include game socials, casual dinners, and intramural teams. A person in this position should be able to brainstorm interesting events that can encourage the participation of club members. This position helps facilitate personal connections between club members while meeting new people, whether in person or in a virtual environment. This individual is responsible for making reservations for desired locations and communicating with external parties in the execution of events. These events can be coordinated with other student organizations or with the Wisconsin School of Business. The VP of Member Relations and Engagement connects with club members via an engagement committee to help with planning and brainstorming ideas for events. Other duties include participating in officer meetings and encouraging member involvement within all aspects of the club. This individual should have an inclusive mindset by creating an inviting and welcoming environment for all of the club’s members.


*The ideal qualities for Member Relations & Engagement Candidates:

  • Social and eager to communicate with a variety of people

  • Responsible and very organized

  • Ability to work with people to see that events are planned and executed

  • Active and has attended club socials and events in the past

  • Creative thinker that can put on events in various environments


Questions/Topics of Interest


  1. RUN-OFF QUESTION: How do you plan to engage with club members to ensure an inclusive club environment during social events?

  2. What would you do differently in this role to get more members involved?

  3. How would you communicate a last-minute change of venue or schedule to club members to ensure everyone is informed and able to attend?

  4. How would you plan and organize social events to ensure they are enjoyable and engaging for all club members?

  5. How would you run the engagement committee to most effectively plan and execute events?


Position Name: Vice President of Educational Enrichment


Position Description:

The Vice President of Educational Enrichment is responsible for setting the calendar and coordinating all educational events for the academic year. This individual is mainly responsible for contacting employers who can deliver presentations that can benefit members, and organize other educational events to further member development. In addition to coordinating employer presentations, this individual is responsible for keeping a detailed log of presentations and contact information to submit to the Department of Risk and Insurance and for future reference for the club. The VP will also oversee a committee that will help in facilitating the educational events such as employer presentations and networking sessions and create content for the educational aspect. Other duties include participating in officer meetings regularly, and encouraging member involvement with all aspects of the club.


The ideal candidate for this role is a person who 

  • can professionally engage in communication with employers, alumni, faculty

  • can promptly respond to critical communication and relay it to the board

  • can simultaneously work on planning multiple events (as there are 7-8 presentations in a semester)

  • has familiarity with creating, hosting, and navigating Zoom meetings 

  • is organized and has effective time management skills

  • has public speaking and socializing skills to facilitate and engage conversations at networking sessions and build connections with companies at the events such as the career fair


*Ending note: We strongly recommend this position to those who have prior experience in club leadership and/or have been actively involved in employer presentations. It is advisable to have strong communicational and professional skills as a majority of the communication involves employers. This role requires extensive event planning and improvising while setting a timeline for employer presentations.


Questions/Topics of Interest:

  1. RUN-OFF QUESTION: Besides current employer presentations, what other educational events do you think would be beneficial to club members?

  2. How will you increase engagement and attendance for the presentations or improve presentations in general? How might you utilize the virtual nature of presentations to accomplish this?

  3. What past experience have you had that show your ability to be organized and engage in professional communication? This can include examples of events you have organized & hosted in the past, public speaking experiences.


Position Name: Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Position Descriptions:


The VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) promotes DEI in the Actuarial Club both internally and externally.


Internally, the officer assists with DEI events related to the Actuarial Club. The officer will host DEI events within the club. Previous examples of events include Common Threads Actuarial Gatherings to provide a safe space for underrepresented actuarial students (and faculty) and their allies to discuss challenges and experiences. The officer will also provide the club with DEI perspectives by attending weekly officer meetings and ensuring the Actuarial Club is keeping DEI in mind. The officer will also conduct an annual Actuarial Climate survey to provide insight on how the club is performing with DEI and utilization metrics and address concerns about professional organization underrepresentation. The officer will also conduct outreach with RMIS (Risk Management and Insurance Society) to share DEI strategies and collaborate on DEI events


Externally, the officer aids professors Paul Johnson and Margie Rosenberg in reaching out to other universities in relation to the department’s DEI policy. This individual researches opportunities and scholarships for underrepresented students on campus, which involves researching actuarial internships, full-time jobs, events and scholarships from different diversity organizations such as IABA, OLA, SAGAA etc. and sharing them to Paul Johnson for review. This individual is also expected to join Paul Johnson to participate in actuarial outreach to high schools and HBCUs. In the outreach, this individual will provide personal experiences relating to actuarial science. 


The Role Description above serves as a minimum expectation for the VP of DEI, but the officer is encouraged to come up with their own ideas on improving DEI for the Actuarial Club.

Ideal Candidate Qualifiers:

  • Can be trusted to attend UBC DEI meetings and other club events

  • Is well-organized and has the ability to plan events well in advance (Common Thread Gatherings, Diverse Actuaries Panel, etc.) 

  • Has excellent written communication skills to create newsletter blurbs for DEI events and to contact other officers and faculty members

  • Has public-speaking skills to facilitate Common Thread Gatherings

  • Is approachable and friendly 


Questions/Topics of Interest:

  1. RUN-OFF QUESTION: What are your plans to increase engagement and attendance at DEI events? 

  2. Aside from the roles above, what are your plans to increase DEI within the Actuarial Club?


Possible General Speech Ideas:

  • What is your vision of the purpose of the Actuarial Club?

  • What would you do to make the club more successful?

  • What are the best events that you attended as a club member and why?

  • What would you do to align the club events and activities to the club vision?

  • How would you empower others, both other officers and club members, to become more engaged in the club?

  • How would you encourage members to get out of their comfort zone and engage with others outside their usual group of friends?

  • Provide an example of how you would encourage someone, who you do not know, to participate in the club.

  • Provide an example of how you managed a complicated process and communicated the results.

  • How do you deal with conflict or with those who hold an opinion differently than yours?

  • What qualifies you for the particular position?

  • What special skills or traits do you have that makes you unique?

  • How do you manage your time so that your studies and club responsibilities are both priorities?

  • What leadership roles have you held that would be relevant?

  • What do you think is the main goal of the club and how could it be achieved?

  • Why do you want to run for an officer position?

  • What events have worked well and where do you think events can be improved? What do you think makes a great social event?

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