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Co-Curricular Learning Board

The Co-Curricular Learning Board (CCLB) is comprised of five major insurance companies, American Family Insurance, Cuna Mutual Group, Milliman, Swiss Re, and Travelers. These companies have a unique relationship with the Risk and Insurance department at the Wisconsin School of Business. They contribute their time and energy to give students valuable learning and skill building opportunities.  

CCLB companies updated.PNG

At CCLB sponsored events, students are able to interact and network with representatives from these companies, which allows them to gain knowledge about these specific companies and other important information relating to the industry. There are case competitions in which students can work as a team to solve problems and improve their professional skills such as critical thinking, decision making, communication, and presentation skills. CCLB companies also benefit from the relationship with UW - Madison by learning more about the Risk and Insurance department, as well as getting to know the students and engaging in the education of their potential future employees. 

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