Actuarial Advising Presentation

Wondering which classes to take to study for exams? Check out the presentation from the Fall Enrollment Actuarial Academic Advising Session by Kirk Peter from 2022.


Student Perspectives on Business Careers as Actuaries

Actuarial Exam Scholarship Application Guide

Need help filling out the Scholarship Application? Check out this detailed guide filled with all the information you need to complete it!

Risk and Insurance Career Fair Prep Booklet and Prep Session

Need advice on what to expect at the 2021 Risk and Insurance Career Fair? Want help preparing to meet with companies? Check out the Career Fair Prep Booklet and the Career Fair Prep Session slides by the Risk and Insurance department.

Behavioral-Based Interview Tips

Need help preparing for an interview? Check out this video by Kirk Peter for some helpful advice on behavioral-based questions.

Four Year Plan: Fall 2022

Wondering what your academic career might look like? Check out this document by Kirk Peter to review which classes relate to which exams and how they fit into your schedule.

Fall Kickoff Presentation

Check out our Fall Kickoff Presentation from last year for more information or to catch anything you missed!

Fundamentals of Actuarial Science - Actuarial Awareness

Looking for a way to expand your background knowledge about Actuarial Science? Wanting to better relate concepts presented at employer presentations or the Actuarial career as a whole? Check out our Fundamentals of Actuarial Science presentation from last year. 

Sample Actuarial Resumes

Check out some of our sample resumes, perfect for Bachelor and Master students!