Chat with an Officer 

(Opportunity to speak with a current officer)


Interested in learning about the positions from the officers directly? Why not sign-up for a slot to have a quick 1-1 chat with them. Ask questions about their duties, experience, election tips and seek any sort of advice that might help you take your leadership experience to the next level. 

Lakch (President) - Sign up here

Matt (VP Communications) - Sign up here

Saad (VP Educational Enrichment) - Sign up here

Jess (VP Finance) - Sign up here

Aaron (VP Social Media & Marketing) - Sign up here

Danny (VP Member Relations & Engagement) - Sign up here

Feel free to sign-up to talk to multiple officers and see which positions fits you the best. Provided are the sign-up slots for the week of April 20th

1250F Grainger Hall

975 University Avenue

Madison WI 53706 

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