Actuarial Awareness Night

Join us on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 6:00 pm to learn more about the actuarial profession and the UW-Madison actuarial program. For more information click HERE.

Student Perspectives on Business Careers as Actuaries

The Student Perspectives on Business Careers as Actuaries video series features the following current or former UW-Madison actuarial students discussing actuarial science and other business issues:

  • Jovaughn Bowen, graduation year 2022

  • Dayne Lassiter, graduation year 2023

  • Claire Liu, graduation year 2022

  • Calice Robbins, graduation year 2021

Acknowledgement of contributions to the video series:

  • Nick Gordon

  • Margie Rosenberg

  • Eden Walech

These videos describe the role of an actuary, desirable skills for actuaries to be successful, what actuaries do, and useful classes to prepare for an actuarial career:

These videos describe other issues in a business setting: microaggressions, allyship, code switching, additional steps to be successful in academics and business, and benefits of working as an actuary: